EUCEN was founded in May 1991, during a meeting held in Bristol (UK) with the title: ‘Towards a European Universities Continuing Education Network’. The Statutes were registered in Belgium and the Association was legally constituted in 1993.
The most important activities carried out by EUCEN since 1991 are:

  • Organising Conferences (two events per year)
  • Developing Policy
  • Developing Practices
  • Leading and managing European Projects
  • Sharing of Results
  • Networking
  • Lobbying

EUCEN has 198 members in 37 different countries. Its contact with National Networks on ULLL/UCE and other stakeholders gives EUCEN the strength and knowledge that makes it unique of its kind.
EUCEN developed this website with the support of the European Comission (DG EAC) during 2008-2009 and has kept it available since then.
For more information about EUCEN, please follow this link.