This slow and careful process of implementation must address the reactions- positive and negative - that appeared during the consultation process. The main problem has arisen from the higher education sector. Most actors, including the representatives of the ministries for higher education, oppose the approach defined by the Commission which seeks to adopt a global transfer system including ECTS in ECVET. Higher education representatives agree to work on the articulation between ECTS and ECVET, but do not want to merge ECTS into ECVET. They also agree that ECTS has to be developed, in particular to introduce programme descriptions in terms of learning outcomes, but they do not want undermine or write off much of the difficult and valuable work done in the last 20 years by universities and other HEIs, in particular the important work done by Tuning. Teachers and curriculum managers in departments and faculties would not understand that what they successfully achieved through a long process of persuasion, and sometimes painful battles, could be replaced by something which does not yet exist.